Kelly Brittingham

DeafBlind Specialist

Throughout my K-12th years of school, I grew-up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. In high school, I met one sign language interpreter and one girl who was Deaf. I began to mingle with both the sign language interpreter, the girl who was Deaf, and the small Deaf Community on the Eastern Shore. Later, I moved to the Western Shore of Maryland for both education and career purposes. In the past, I have obtained an Associate's of Applied Science A.A.S. degree in General Education with an Interpreter Training Program (ITP)/Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) Certificate from the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) - Catonsville, a Bachelor's of Science B.Sc. in Deaf Studies degree with a Human Service track from Towson University (TU). I have worked both as a freelance Sign Language Interpreter (SLI) and Support Service Provider (SSP). As a freelance SLI, I work with a variety of hard-of-hearing, Deaf, and DeafBlind individuals with different backgrounds, situations, and areas to provide communication access. As a freelance SSP, I work with a variety of DeafBlind individuals to provide an independent atmosphere, without having to depend only on family and friends, by providing transportation, both enjoyment and food shopping, both medical and training appointments, social events, and a variety of other situations. Recently, I obtained a Master's in Special Education with both an Orientation and Mobility (O&M) and Dual Sensory Disability/DeafBlind (DB) Certificates from Texas Technology University (TTU). As of now, I work as a O&M instructor, Sign Language Teacher, and DeafBlind Specialist at Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ACBVI). Fun Facts: (1) I am married to a DeafBlind gentleman and (2) we enjoy doing Acroyoga together!

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