Angela Goldenberg

Administrative Assistant - Trainer

Hello! I am Angela Schoening. I began my career with the blind and visually impaired back in 1990, right here at ACBVI! Along the way life happened and I found myself relocating to the Prescott area where I provided Administrative Services to the Yavapai Blind Center for 7 years. One more relocation took me to the State of Washington, where I continued providing assistance on a volunteer basis for 4 years at the local agency. Finally, in 2008 life led me back to ACBVI. I have learned much along my path that now includes a background in Assistive Technologies for the blind and visually impaired and other disabilities as well. In addition, I have taken another step and now provide Disability and Assistive Technology awareness educational sessions! I have always enjoyed the growth and opportunity that ACBVI has provided to me over the years, and am honored to be part of such a valuable organization.

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