Nedeljko Granic

IT & DST Instructor

Today Ned Granic considers himself a native of Arizona but in 1998 he relocated to the United States as a Serbian refugee. Ned encountered many new experiences coming to the USA, from learning a whole new language to new life skills. Throughout his transitions, Ned found his passion in computers. His career led him towards developing a broad foundation for applying his skills to computers with the use of assistive technology.

Ned joined ACBVI in November 2017 as an Assistive Technology Specialist/Instructor. In March 2018 he became ACBVI’s instructor for our newly launched Desktop Support Technician program (DST I and II). In the DST program, Ned instructs and provides hands-on experience in the world of computers without sight for blind and visually impaired clients seeking a profession in technology. Ned received certifications in ATI and DST from the World Services for the Blind in Arkansas in 2016. He holds certifications in CompTIA A+, Microsoft Office Specialist, and is certified in Job Access with Speech (JAWS.) Additional educational studies include linguistics as his major at the University of Arizona while minoring in computer science in 2011, which has been of an enormous benefit in his subsequent training. Ned is a generous and patient addition to ACBVI as he enthusiastically shares his knowledge with his peers and clients.

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