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About our Orientation and Mobility services

<p>O &amp; M is the instructional area where persons are provided training to effectively use their remaining senses in a compensatory manner. Provides training in the proper utilization of protective techniques and assistive devices, &iexcl;n order to independently travel in a safe, efficient and confident manner in both familiar and unfamiliar environments. Travel devices include the long cane, support cane, telescopic aids, absorptive lenses and alternative mobility devices, such as walkers. Electronic mobility devices such as laser canes, AND GPS devices can be demonstrated and instruction provided by certified instructors. Individuals who utilize a dog guide can be provided with orientation and familiarization to various travel environments. Travel situations for all orientation and mobility clients will include navigation inside restaurants and stores, safely crossing the street at controlled and uncontrolled intersections, locating landmarks, utilization of public transportation, independent travel lessons, etc.</p>

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