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ACBVI Expands Combined Vision & Hearing Loss Program

  • Tuesday February 23rd, 2021

Arizona has a waiting list of individuals with CVHL that we aim to serve

2021 is shaping up to be a year of growth for one of ACBVI’s newest programs – Combined Vision and Hearing Loss (CVHL).

When a person has vision loss alone, they often rely on sound cues and audio technology to adapt to their disability. Likewise, a person with hearing loss often uses their vision to do things like communicate and access the hearing world. 

The first opportunity we’re pursuing is with the State of Arizona. The state has a waiting list of individuals who have CVHL that we aim to serve,  so that they can live independently in their homes and use assistive devices to connect with loved ones. 

But when a person has CVHL  – and no access to specialized training – life can be very isolating. 

ACBVI is one of only a few agencies in Arizona with experts who understand both of these disabilities and their distinct cultures. Our team helps people with CVHL gain the equipment and skills they need to be successful at home, school, and work. 

Another opportunity is to train transition specialists in public schools to work with CVHL students, so these youth can access the working world. We plan to tailor the CVHL training module we developed for Arizona’s Rehabilitation Services Administration to the needs of young adults, their families, and schools. 

Our end goal would be to reduce the barriers these students face when it comes to going to college, learning a trade, and starting a career.  

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