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Computers and smart phones have changed the way we live, work and play. As a person with vision loss, you can access these devices with greater ease using apps, specialized software or equipment. Many of your current devices probably have features for visual impairment and hearing loss that you may not know about. Your expert will talk with you to understand your personal goals. Then, he or she will assess your skills in using assistive technologies like: Braille display, Braille notetaker, NVDA screen reader, JAWS screen reader, screen magnification, Zoom Text, Zoom Text Fusion Speech, recognition software, and digital recorders. Together, you will work to bridge any gaps in your skills. Along the way, you will get to try out assistive technology devices of all kinds, and see how they can help you earn your degree, get a promotion, or stay in touch with family. If you have both hearing and vision loss, your expert will help you create a program that covers videophones, captioned telephones, and assistive listening devices.

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An agency providing services so that individuals with vision loss can achieve their full potential.

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