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IT Specialist Certification

IT Specialist Certification

Start a career in information technology

Do you like working with computers and other high-tech systems? How about solving problems for others?

If this sounds like you, then our IT specialist certificate program may be the start your next career. 

The program has two levels: A+ Desktop Support Technician I and II. Both levels provide you with hands-on experience you’ll use on the job. 

A DST I certificate will prepare you for an entry-level position. The program covers:

  • Computer repair
  • Software & operating systems
  • Network administration
  • Information security
  • Cloud computing
  • Troubleshooting devices

The DST II program will prepare you for a higher level job. You’ll learn more about topics like networking and IT security.

Our IT specialist certificate program is one of only two in the nation that trains people who are blind or visually impaired.  

Please note you’ll need to have certain assistive technology skills before enrolling in this program. 


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